Empowering organizations that are helping highly motivated youth in need
to be ready for, access, and complete a post-secondary education.

Since its inception in the 1929, the Solon E. Summerfield Foundation, Inc. (SESF) has served the needs of at-risk families, individuals in crisis and underserved children and youth through its support of community-based, impact-driven work in human services, the arts, and education. The Foundation has always supported the full development of children and youth and has championed access to mentored opportunities and a diversity of experiences that teach hard and soft skills, expand perspective, and engender compassion, social responsibility, confidence, and motivation.

The Foundation's founding documents reflect Solon E. Summerfield's conviction that singularly motivated youth of high ideals and excellent character, who might not otherwise have the privilege, could become contributing members of and leaders in their communities if they were given the opportunity to attend and complete college. In an effort to more deliberately fulfill Mr. Summerfield's intent and after careful consideration, the current Directors of the Solon E. Summerfield Foundation have determined to narrow the focus of the Foundation's grantmaking to exclusively support programs that promote post-secondary education readiness, access, persistence and degree completion, and that ultimately inspire individuals to become contributing members of their communities. SESF values both established and innovative approaches to closing the achievement gap and improving upon post-secondary graduation rates.